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The Law Offices of Paul J. Dean, PLLC provides Estate Planning, Small Business Legal Counsel, and many other services to individuals and businesses in Northern Virginia.  We are a community based firm here to serve you! 


 The Law Offices of Paul J. Dean, PLLC will remain open throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and available to help you and your family secure your future by ensuring you have the necessary Estate Planning documents in place, such as Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directives. In light of “social distancing” recommendations and potential quarantine requirements, I have developed a “Virtual” Estate Planning option for your safety and convenience.  For the duration of the public health emergency, I will be offering these packages at reduced fees, with deferred payment options. 


Community Based

As a resident of the Ft. Hunt community for more than 20 years, I know the territory.  I have advised countless local individuals, community based organizations, and small businesses in the Mt. Vernon and Alexandria areas, and have an acute understanding on how to find legal solutions that best meet your needs - and your budget.  I founded this practice in our area because I recognize the demand for personalized legal services from a trusted attorney that won't run up your bill to cover extravagant overhead expenses.  


Small Businesses and Non-Profits

As a small business owner, President of the local youth athletic association, and Executive Director of a small trade association, I understand the legal needs of small, incorporated organizations.  Don't let these issues take away from your organization's core mission.  The Law Offices of Paul J. Dean can serve as your own "General Counsel," and help you meet your organization's legal needs in an efficient and affordable manner.  From employment law, incorporation issues, contracts, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, tax issues, customer disputes and everything in between we cover the bases.


Individual Services

Have you been putting off estate planning and drafting up that will?  Have some minor criminal or traffic court issue to deal with?  What about a property or nuisance dispute with a neighbor that won't go away?  The professionals of Law Offices of Paul J. Dean are seasoned attorneys working with individuals in our community to resolve these issues - without breaking the bank.  Give us a call today!

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